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USCIS to Reopen Offices after COVID 19 Closures

Since March 18, 2020, USCIS field offices have been closed to the public for in-person services due to COVID-19. That closure is scheduled to end on June 4, 2020 when USCIS is slated to reopen to the public. As an immigration law office in Houston, we have had many questions regarding immigration cases. Here’s what you need to know regarding your USCIS appointments.Schedule a consultation with Karam Immigration Law

I was previously scheduled for an interview and it was cancelled. How will I be notified about my case?

USCIS will send notices to applicants and petitioners that were affected by the temporary closure.

Are all interviews that were cancelled going to be rescheduled beginning June 4, 2020?

No. USCIS, and more specifically the Houston Field Office, will first focus on conducting oath ceremonies for approved Naturalization Applicants. There are no concrete plans currently to resume interviews for pending applicants who are seeking to adjust their status or naturalize. However, the Houston Field Office has indicated that when interviews resume, they will most likely focus on pending applications for Naturalization.

I was scheduled for a biometrics appointment and they were closed. What should I do?

Once operations resume, USCIS will automatically reschedule Application Service Center (ASC) appointments that were missed or cancelled. Those who were previously scheduled should look for notification of the rescheduled appointment by mail.

I had a scheduled InfoPass Appointment at the field office, and it was cancelled. Will it be automatically rescheduled?

No. Anyone who previously had an InfoPass appointment must contact the USCIS Contact Center and submit a request to reschedule the appointment once the Houston Field Office reopens.

I was scheduled for an oath ceremony that was cancelled. What now?

If you were previously scheduled for an oath ceremony that was cancelled due to COVID-19, you will be rescheduled. Houston field office plans to first reschedule applicants for naturalization who already had their application approved and received oath ceremony notices. This will begin with the first cancelled ceremony date in March and move forward from there.

Will the oath ceremony be held at the same place it was previously scheduled?

No, all ceremonies scheduled at the Houston Campbell Center will now be held at the Houston Field Office in the ceremony room.

Will my family be able to attend the ceremony with me?

No. Unfortunately, family members will not be able to attend oath ceremonies held at the Houston Field Office. All ceremonies will be limited to those who have been approved for Naturalization and are taking the oath. Attendees for each ceremony that is scheduled will be limited to 25% of the 200 capacity for the room. There will be markers placed on the floor to promote social distancing for those in attendance.

The Houston Field Office will adhere to all guidelines set out by Governor Abbott and the CDC. They are currently looking into alternative ways of fully resuming operations and will provide updates as they are available.

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USCIS is still accepting, reviewing and adjudicating applications, and Customs and Border Protection and Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) are continuing to operate during this time. As experienced immigration lawyers in Houston,we urge anyone with an immigration matter to schedule a consultation if you are considering applying for immigration benefits or have a pending case.  

With everything that’s happening, now is not a good time to wait to get your immigration questions answered.  While we specialize in complicated immigration issues, I highly recommend to stay ahead of even the smallest of immigration matters. Click the button below to find out what your options are: 

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